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  • Daz

    Kick BJ’s ass dude, I respect BJ as a fighter but he just talks too much shit, he really pissed me off with comments about Jens Pulver before there fight not heard much said about yourself but he can’t keep his mouth shut so chances are they’ll be some trash talking. Your both fairly even in the striking and ground game but your cardio’s gonna come into play if the fight goes on into the 4th and 5th round. You’ve got the tools to put this guy away send him running back to Welterweight division so that GSP can kick his ass again aswell. Good look for the 24th May dude I’ll look forward to seeing the fight.


  • Scott Bloomfield

    Hey Sean just wanted you to know you I will be cheering you on the 24th I do believe you can beat him if you train like you know how. I think his only advantage is his flexibility. But if you can take him down and push the pace and keep your weight on him to ware him out you win the fight. You control the fight with your strength. Good luck beat his cocky ass.

  • jesse

    kick bj’s ass. maybe you can utilize the clinch in the first couple rounds to tire him out and throw body punches and knees.

  • Jason

    Hey Sean, I just want to let you know you have plenty of fans out here in Hawaii and I will be rooting for you against BJ. You have all the tools to beat bj down, I personally think bj is overrated and doesn’t stand a chance against you. Train hard and i can’t wait to watch you demolish that pudgy kid.

  • Dave

    Not that you’ll give a crap what I think, but it seems to me the appropriate strategy against Penn is to just shoot on him constantly and put him on the fence in the lean. Even if you can’t take him down, being the aggressor and taking the shots would win you the round. Plus he tends to not have a problem hoping on one foot, instead of actively countering. Matt Serra used an interesting strategy to take advantage of this, shooting singles, letting him hop, and then dropping the leg to fire off shots. Busta used a similar move against Chuck caught him once good and stunned him, but Serra used it very effectively in that fight. I still think it would work on Penn, he really likes to counter take downs like that. He’s said in interviews that he even trains takedown defense with that hopping drill. Watch the Serra Penn fight, and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Sean

    At UFC 84, Penn is going to be the one who is dead. Wear him down and make him quit. Sherk by TKO round 4.

  • Tom

    Wear him down, BJ Penn’s cardio isn’t that great if you watch his fights, especially when he lost to Hughes. He’s too cocky and thinks he can finish all his fights, so he doesn’t train as hard as he should. Show him what hard work can accomplish!

  • DaveA

    I think both you and BJ are phenomenal in your own ways and anticpate one of the greatest fights ever. If I were you I would simply be relentless which would both wear him down and not give any opportunity for escape or submission. GO GET EM SHARK!

  • Matt Johnson

    You will beat BJ Penn. BJ Penn has tons of quit in him! Let him hyper extend to get the back and graby roll to get side control lock those arms and pound his face. BJ Penn is suppose to be so great, but has never kept the belt. Sean Sherk is number one period! Penn has enough cardio to wear out. Beat the silver spoon panzy.

  • Static Union


    I’m glad you’ve got a shot to get your belt back. B.J. is dangerous, his flexibility is phenominal, but after watching you take two knees from Franca and completely shrug it off, I’m convinced you’ll be able to take anything he can throw at you.

    P.S. — You should come out to “Wake Up”, one of our songs. You can listen to it on or on our website,

  • Troy Griffen

    The only thing with BJ that you would have to worry about is submissions. He has said that he wants to end this fight in the first round, submission is the only way he could do that. I will be rooting for you, I hope you kick his smack-talking ass!! Tanking about you’ve been beaten badly, lets see him fight George St. Pierre!

  • CT

    Kick BJ’s ass everyone thinks he’s the best pound for pound fighter in the world but I would think he would have to go through you first to be called the best, good luck!

  • Troy Griffen

    I’m sorry, fight George St. Pierre and win

  • Russian

    Please beat BJ. I know you can do it. Good luck from all of you fans here in Washington State.

  • ali

    hey sean …you are a shark so prove it and eat pen .
    sean will fuck him up 100 % .
    u are my favorite fighter man .teach this fish a shark lesson

  • Shane Mosier

    You A Beast Nigga And Kick BJ’s Ass He Is A Punk Ass Bitch Who Thinks He’s Hard Sherk By TKO Round 1.

  • Rogan

    yo sean good luck against BJ man. not that you need it, with that insane training you do. seriously man it’s inspiring to watch you train, just awesome. canada has your back dog. can’t wait to watch you get YOUR belt back. the way i see it this is just another title defense for you. peace!

  • Drew

    i like the way you handled yourself during the press conference; very professional. you’re a class act and nothing less. i know you don’t get on online and read this stuff, but just in case, good luck and have a great fight. you’ve already got the belt, and i guess you just need to remind BJ of that.

  • john c

    sean good luck this weekend man….. I have 100 bucks on u beating BJ…. You win this fight and no one at 155lbs can touch you….

  • Dana

    Sean, good luck with your fight this weekend! Shut B.J. up for good! We know who the REAL champ is!

  • Caleb Rawls

    Sean, I never believed you took steroids, and I never will. That belt belongs to you and you alone. I look forward to watching you smash BJ on Saturday. I can’t wait until he gases in round 3 and you’re still fresh. Pound him out, Sean!!

  • Keyvan

    Hi Sean !!! 😀

    I hope you kick BJs ass, do a spinning backfist or a back kick ! Make it a highlight—

    I really hope for a spinning backfist or a back kick 😀

    That would shut him up forever !!
    (fan from sweden)

  • austin

    Hi Sean Sheark kick BJ pens butt. I met you a couple weeks ago at subway. I will be waring my shrit that sas Sean Sherk. And I will be wachting you fight.

    Austn schuhmachr

  • who knows

    After you destroy BJ you should try to get faber to come get some and fight with a good organization like the UFC and fight a real champion

  • Kylee

    what was your walk out song at the ufc against bj penn?

  • Big Al Carrasco

    GREAT FIGHT…. I give you all the respect in the world bro.You did not take the easy way out.. you stood in the pocket and banged it out with BJ and you lasted 3 rounds…. that is a great show of skill and heart! I know that you will beat any 155ers they put infront of you… So dont sweat it. BJ is a different animal,no shame in losing to him. Enjoy your number 2 seat in the 155lb world rankings and just wait it out.BJ will leave the division soon enough im sure and then you will most likely get the belt back… Whatever happens in the future know that you earned me as a fan and im sure many others feel the same way… you are a CHAMP Sherk… Thank you for the great performance… Your a class act and I look forward to cheering you on in your next fight..

  • Robert Stoner

    Sean what was your walk out song and the name of the Band I want it so I can jam to it with my work outs.

    Sean, the fight you where rob the Horn rang and the reff was breaking it but every one ran in so they stop the fight you got Rip off Bro.


  • Robert Stoner

    To Sean Sherk fans I trying to find out the Band name of his walk in song to the ring can you post a message or email me the band name and song Thank you so much.

    Thanks Robert.

  • 420 puffer

    stick with it. show the world that a minnesota cold hardens you beyond the limts of ordinary men. you bring us pride tough gu

  • Robert Stoner

    I need your Help!!

    I love to find of the name of the Band to Sean Sherk walk in to the ring “Show me the way” but I need the bands name Thank you Robert.

    Email it to me at

  • Kelli

    Band= Earshot

    Song= Wait

    Kelli 🙂

  • Aquiles

    (a Sean Sherk fan from Spain)

    Do you remember the song?

    I don´t believe in Elvis
    I don´t believe in Beattles
    I don´t believe in magic
    I just believe in You, Sean!

  • vincent c. schimke

    damn man tuf break wit bj. shrug it off, danas sure to give you a rubber match. i was wondering if you could tell me some of your work outs so i could mabey one day follow in your foot steps, but mabey well talk when you come out. see you in eau claire. keep kickin ass.


  • Wombat

    Sean, well done at UFC 84, im a BJ Penn fan but i like your attitude and desire. Youre a top notch guy and i believe your innocent on those steroid charges. Good luck in the future. From some Australian MMA fans.

  • Shelby And Austin

    Hi Sean,
    Our whole family still believes in you. We will always watch you fight. We really can’t wait til your next fight. Do you even know when it will be? We are hoping BJ Pen moves up to 170 to fight St-Pierre. Would that mean you get to fight for the tile again if you do we all hopre you win .


  • SeanSherk #1 Fan

    i think if u beat Tyson griffin u’ll get a titl sht becaus hes doing very good. well good luck and keep kicking ass

  • Tyler Smith

    You are the man. Nothing will ever change that. You have the biggest heart I have ever seen, bro. People say Forrset Griffin has the biggest heart in MMA. I call b.s. on that. Your heart can’t be measured by wins and losses. Your heart is measured in blood and sweat. So cheers man. Here’s to the hardest working champ in MMA. And yes, you are still the champ to all of your fans. We have a motto in our gym: “Train like Sherk, Reign like Sherk”. Thank you for being the biggest impact on my life man. That goes for outside of the cage too. Thanks for being a role model for me and my buds. I wish you all the best and I’ll root for you til the day I die.

  • davernginzks

    I’ve recently joined and wanted to introduce myself 🙂

  • jesse

    watup sean your the best wrestler and all around fighter you should be the champ
    you should get a rematch with the prodigy

  • Rajeet walia

    Greetings from INDIA!



  • Dan "Bigsqueezer" Erickson

    Wishing you the best against Penn! You got power and heart man; I’ll be at home screaming for ya!!!

  • Kinch

    Hey dude good fight against tyson griffen I new you’d win but I new it’d be a damn good fight having Two guys both wrestlers 5.6 155 going at it for 3 rounds there isn’t anyone who watches mma who wouldn’t not predict that to be a good fight. But you’ve always been an idle to me I’ve been watching UFC and mma for years but you were the first fighter That stood out to me probably because I myself am 5.6 and weigh 175 pounds of almost all muscle I also started wrestling when I was 9 Till this day and i just turned 16. Anyways good luck with your fights hope thoughs cheap S.O.B.s start paying you what everyone knows your worth and takes you a little more seriously and hopefully they’ll keep lining you up with competitive fights im not the only one who notices the UFC giving you the Shaft

  • pete

    hello sean i really love your workout ha i guess i can say that cause im not the one going threw it huh but i no it helps u alot mentally well when is your next fight.

  • hugo

    good luck against edgar
    were with you mate

  • brandon

    love ur fights and how hard you train. i am a fighter myself and train hard but not as hard as you i know you will get ur belt back soon god bless.

  • Kristoffer

    Damn dude you’re one hell of a pitbull terrier. .
    I’m very fascinated in your speed.

    You’re the best Sean.

    Guys like you make the sport what it is.

  • William Chamberland

    I am a biggest fan of the real muscle shark!

  • Jack

    You are amazing, sir

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