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October 26th, 2008 · 26 Comments · News

Sean Sherk

Thanks to all my family, my fans, my sponsors:,, Warrior Wear, Silver Star,, Calio, Farcry2, API, and my team Minnesota Martial Arts Academy.



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  • Evan

    What an awesome fight yesterday! My friends and I are always excited for your fights and it was great to see you have an opportunity to fight an opponent whom you could get in range with and really dish out!

    P.S. I’d consider adding some flying knees to some of those combinations

  • Shadow

    I was watching that fight in San Francisco. one word, Fierce!

  • Rick & Lisa Teteak

    WAY TO GO SEAN!!!!!!
    We knew you could do it!!

    Rick & Lisa

  • john c

    congrats sean……. what a fight it was I am a die hard fan of yours you are on your way back to having that LW title back where it belongs

  • Rob

    Great fight Sean, it was close but you definitely pulled it out. I was so happy that you got the nod. One fight at a time and you’ll be on your way back to the top. You’re still the man!!!

  • michael grant


  • chad j

    Huge Win!!!! Glad you won , your stand up is getting better every fight. Always a loyal fan.

  • Greg

    Congrats man you made a fan out of me with this fight. What a performance, love watching you slug it out!

  • Simon

    What a battle, non stop action shame it was only 3 rounds. Im a big fan of yours and always look forward to seeing you on the cards, the only way is up for you mate glad to see you firmly back on track.

  • Pete

    WOW fantastic fight sean, was the fight of the night in my opinion. cant wait to see who the UFC gives u next, who ever it is they are in trouble. Congrats again sean.

  • Juan

    Sean! Phenomonal fight! I’m probably one of your biggest fans. I was watching the fight with my girlfriend and as soon as bruce buffer said “THE MUSCLE SHARK..” I popped out of the seat and cheered so hard as if I was front row or something. That fight was worth the whole ppv!! To me it was like the Yankees winning the world series! Keep up the good work. Seems like it wont be a while till your next fight but stay busy and I noticed you threw in those knees at the right time when you needed to but they didnt collapse him. Just as some contstructive criticism I would suggest sharpenning that aspect, the muay thai element. Your stand up boxing was great. I dont really know how well your ground game is because you don’t usually submit people but I would also suggest reinforing your ground game in preparation for your next bout. Im just hoping that nobody gets you off guard in an aspect that you may not focus on and the best way is to be well rounded and 3-dimensional. Keep that fierceness that you have had over your last few fights as your first line of offense but keep the 2nd line and 3rd line rounded and sharp. You are my favorite fighter and I look forward to all your fights. I smoked for 7 years and quit and started running almost everyday after I saw your All Access show. I wish you well and really hope to see you in the forefront of the UFC for the years to come.

  • Kriss

    Hi all,

    Anybody know the name of the song playing when Sean was walking in?

    Great fight, congrats Sean

  • Steve Hufft

    Never doubt the shark , if he wants to stand and fight let him. Man you have one heck of a shot, I don,t think i’ve seen anyone shoot as fast as you. Love to watch you fight. Congrads man you are on your way back to the title.

  • Pete

    kriss the song was called WAIT by EARSHOT, its a great song.

  • Kriss

    Thank you Pete…….


  • Pete

    hope he uses it again for his next fight

  • les

    Congrats Sean…

    Great fight!

  • Lúcio Almeida

    WOW, what a clash!
    As Joe Rogan likes to say, “phenomenal performance” man! For sure my favorite fight of the night!
    Your boxing seems to have really improved since the last time i’ve seen you fighting, gongratulations on that.
    For sure my favorite MMA fighter man!
    Cheers, and gongratulations for your victory!

  • m_T0ny

    congrats Sean…that was great fight… you have good combos .

  • m_T0ny

    i will make my new hl about you… you need more wins bro ! good luck)

  • TooDiesel

    Congratulations on a spectacular and very exciting fight! I’m so glad that you won, as you deserved it. You have crazy heart and can take a helluva punch!

  • jim the plumber

    Sean, what do you eat while training? I’ve let myself really get over weight. I have started working out treadmill etc. I have cut back on sugar etc.

  • junior lopez

    i still watching the event here in monterrey mexico, i really liked the fight, the oponent, and all arround of this event

    good perfomance, good atack, nice nice

  • john c

    On the heels of the news that Diego Sanchez is moving to 155lbs to fight as a lightweight, MMA Weekly reports that former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk is already calling him out:

    “If he wants to drop to 155, I’d like to be the first guy that fights him,” Sherk said.

    “I think I match up great with him,” Sherk said. “I think his ground game is phenomenal, but so is mine. I know his conditioning is phenomenal. So is mine. His boxing… is okay. But I think it would be a great match-up. You get two guys that are really aggressive fighters who have great conditioning who are going to go and bang it out for fifteen minutes.”

    THATS from bloody and i completely agree with sean it would be a great fight….. But i dont agree with the article in general because they havent given sean that 2nd fight with bj and we dont know if that will ever happen cause bj possibly could go be going up to 170lb

  • john c

    Report: Sean Sherk vs. Frankie Edgar on tap for UFC 98
    January 21, 2009 by Sam Caplan
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    A new published report is claiming that former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk is slated to test his superb wrestling skills against another former collegiate wrestler in Frankie Edgar.

    The news comes courtesy of, which quotes a source to Sherk as indicating that the fight has been agreed to and is scheduled to take place at UFC 98 on May 23 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Sherk improved his overall MMA record to 33-3-1following a unanimous decision victory over Tyson Griffin during UFC 90 this past October. A long-time UFC veteran, the Minnesota native holds notable victories in his Octagon career over Nick Diaz, Kenny Florian, Benji Radach, and Tiki Ghosn.

    Edgar is 9-1 and has not competed since recording a unanimous decision victory over Hermes Franca during UFC Fight Night 14 this past July, The win improved Edgar’s UFC record to 4-1 with notable victories over Griffin, Spencer Fisher, and Mark Bocek.

  • Declan

    sean! you are a truely great fighter! i love watching you fight, your take downs are phenominal, and your strength is unmatched, i cant wait for your next fight

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