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UFC Lightweight World Champion – ‘The Muscle Shark’ SEAN SHERK!

October 16th, 2006 · 30 Comments · News

Sean Sherk UFC lightweight world champion
Sean Would like to thank his sponsors Warrior Wear, Xyience, Frontier Homes, Fatboy’s Bar & Grill, Pov’s, Healthquest Athletic Club, & Minnesota Martial Arts Academy


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  • Sean Merritt

    Congrat’s Sean! It was an exciting fight and you dominated every minute of it. Can’t wait for your first title defense.

  • Tim

    You were great man–you are the ultimate fighter…

  • Eric Jorgensen

    Congrats Sean, it was probably the most exciting thing I have ever wittnessed on TV. I have already watched the fight 3 times, and its just as exciting the third time as the first. Nice POWER BOMB It made my house shake.

    Take care and keep the belt forever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brian

    hey great job !
    im brian from gettysburg pa and i knew you were to win

    now i need a good workout routine if youd email me

    im like 150 lbs now but i can go to 140 so too bad dana white doesnt have a 140 class id be at athe top
    just get at me

  • Brett

    Congrats on the title that should be around your waist. Keep making Minnesota proud and defend your title like you took it and you should have it for a long time!

  • Alex

    Congrats dude, way to dominate the ground unbelieveable, your a true champion hands down, I support you 100%. Your a one of the best fighters in the world in my opinion. Congrats man you deserve it, you’ve got my respect.

  • Nick

    Congrats Sean, i never had one ounce of doubt man.. ur an awesome fighter and one of my favorites.. keep the belt forever.

  • Jason

    Congrats Sherk! very happy to finally see you fulfil dreams. very well deserving. GJ once again. hope to see you hold that belt for as long as possible!

  • Felipe

    Dude you are the best fighter EVER!!! You have deserved a title since the first time i saw you fight.

  • Jason

    Congratulations Sean! You were dominating the entire fight. Kenny needed those samurai swords if he wanted to beat you. Your cardio is through the roof. Can’t wait to see you defend your title.

  • Todd

    Sean congratulations on a much deserved title after all these years. The second you stepped in that Octagon you had the look of a dertermined man on your face. Florians only prayer was a cheap elbow and Dr. stoppage way to stay composed and finish the fight the way a true champion should’ve. Continue to train hard and I wish you many title defenses for years to come. You are now the UFC Lighweight Champ Muscle Shark!!!!


  • Bill

    Sean, props, Kenny was a tougher fighter than I think anyone gave him credit for. I had money on a first round KO for you. I’m really excited to see the lightweight division back and I think it will be one of the premier classes in the UFC, and you have an opportunity to set your family up for the rest of your life. Good luck bro, and congrats.


  • Northearnz

    Great Fight Sean

    Mass domination and ultimate control.

  • knight

    congrads sean on winning the LW belt you will be a great champion

  • Patrick Sisco

    congrats and thanx sean me and my trainer had an argument over who would win so we bet on it well lets just say i won alot of money lol anyways great fight bro hope to see you stay on top

  • Michael

    Sean. Congratulations on your impressive win over Florian. I was even more impressed when I found out you had a torn rotator cuff. Dude, you’re a beast man. You’re an inspiration to short men everywhere. I wish I had the kind of discipline that you have in your training. Thanks for being such a bad ass.

  • Nate

    Hey Sean congratulations on the belt, the fight look like something out of a movie with all that blood. You deserve it, keep on working hard with your training and you are at the top, so remeber everyone is gunning for you now! Stay on top of your game don’t want to see anyone else with that belt!

  • John H

    I’m glad to see that you are getting the attention and respect you deserve. Great shows with TJ and Josh aswell. I would just like to say keep up the good work, you are a great inspiration.

  • Cheri

    congrats sean, what a great fight, keep up the good work,

  • Chad

    Were all proud to know someone who has accomplished his dream…

  • Mike

    Sean, I’m glad both the LW division and you are back. I knew you would win, and know you will continue to win. Congrats on the belt and good luck in your training. ( I don’t wanna see that belt on anyone else for a long time)


  • Chace Gieske

    Sean, congratulations on a great fight. My guess is you will be the champ for a very long time, because all I saw was pure domination. If he wouldn’t have grabbed the cage so much it would of been over earlier. Great job.

  • Roger

    Wow, you are an cardio maniac!!! I’m glad to see you with the gold because you truly deserve it. I know it had to be slippery with all that blood, but who’s next your gonna dominate?

  • Danny H.

    Sherk you are the champ and you deserve it. I’ve been a fan for years bro and am ecstatic to see you with that belt man. Your performance was utter domination. Florian’s a good fighter but here in NYC we say Boston sucks shit. HE’S NOT in your league!

  • Keith from Minnesota

    I had no doubt that you were bringing that UFC belt home to Minnesota. You were an Animal at 170, I feel sorry for all in the 155 weight class! Although there are a lot of talented fighters in the lightweight division, I can’t see any of them competing at your level. I don’t have to be able to predict the future to know that you will retire with that belt around your waist. You are an inspiration to us all!

  • Business

    Amazing performance, haven’t seen a fight as good since!!!

    You made a new fan for life 🙂

  • Brittany

    Hey Sean! I just saw your fight. Amazing how such a nice guy can be so scary! (a side I haven’t seen). You were amazing though, you are very talented and have so much heart. Heal up that shoulder and get back out there! I need a trainer! Hope everything is going great with you.

    “Xyience in Florida”

  • Mike Stearns

    Congratulations Sean – Excellent job!! Nice to see your getting the recognition you deserve. All your hard work and determination is paying off. Your a great champion and I hope you keep the title for as long as you want!

  • Joe S from Minnesota

    Sean, It’s great seeing you fight!!! I also trained with MR.Nelson for a while at Minnesota Martial Arts Academy back in 95-96. It makes me feel wonderful to see such an insperation and talanted guy from back home. Congradulations !!! I hope you hold that title for a long time. You really deserve it. I stop at the academy every now and then and hope to see you there one day. Take care

  • Wess

    Good Job Sean.I thought they were going to stop the fight for sure,but you toughed it out,and kicked Kenny’s Canadian butt! I hope you have the title for years to come,and dominate many more fighters.Good Luck!!