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UFC 98

April 21st, 2009 · 12 Comments · News

UFC 98 - MGM Grand Las Vegas NV



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  • john c

    ill be in attendance flying out from NJ to route for you sean

  • les29

    Good luck Sean!! That title is almost yours again.

  • hammer

    sweet cant wait… good luck sean

  • Pete

    good luck sean, blast straight through him and show them that your coming back for your belt. your number one australian fan.

  • Josh

    Can’t wait for this fight Sean. Put Frankie on his ass, and drop elbows on his face. Jesse told me about the sucker incident the other day at his store. Hilarious.

  • Keyvan

    SEAN! my main man… plz go for takedowns


    Good luck !

  • michael grant

    Edgar will fold like a bad poker hand. Make Minnesota proud!

  • Steve

    You’re gonna dominate and finish with a Victory Sean….. You’ve got the Perfect advantage…..!

  • shawn

    Muscle Shark all the way….

  • Pete

    not to worry, u will be back soon and back in there, keep ur chin up mate.

  • Ole Victor

    Forget the edgar fight, I hope you find the motivation you need to keep on training hard and step in to that octagon again for one last run at the tittle:-) Muscle shark #1 lightweight in the world;-)

  • jim

    just wanted to say i’m a huge fan. keep it up, you give small guys like me someone to look up to. good luck muscle shark!

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