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UFC 90 Sherk vs Griffin

August 28th, 2008 · 26 Comments · News

UFC 90

Sean will be taking on Tyson Griffin at UFC 90 in chicago



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  • john c

    Sean , alot of people think Tyson is on his run to a title shot well that run gets pushed back on OCT 25th as the muscle shark gets back to his winning ways… Griffin is tough but not on your level

  • Les

    Good luck with your training Sean.

  • marcos paulo

    good luck to u man
    break griffins face!!

  • chad

    sean, show griffin what ground and pound really means !!

  • Lúcio Gomes

    Good luck on your training and your fighting man!!
    I really hope you win this fight, get back on the wining track and get your belt back!

  • Keyvan

    Hi Sean !

    As “john c” already said, Griffin is tough but not on your level. even so train harder. You don’t wanna lose because you took him lightly. PLZ, WIN !! WE NEED A W !


  • Bob

    Hey Buddy! Good luck, the family is soo proud of the accomplishments already. Keep it up, we are all behind you 100%. And always will be

  • chad

    just wondering why the ufc didnt have a tribute to evan tanner? not a dam thing !!!! thats bullshit !! as much money as the ufc makes at least you would think dana would do something for the guy . The guy was a warrior !!

  • Jeremy

    Sean, you are a legend and a god! It will be a true honor to see you in Chicago! You will see me in the crowd holding my Sherk sign and wearing my “Muscle Shark” shirt! Your THE legend Sherk!

  • Shannon

    I know how serious you train I would hate to be Griffin on Oct 25 I know you will be the winner in that match my hole family will be cheering you on in Midland TX oh yea don’t rip his head off just get a KO

  • Gary

    I’m looking forward to a great fight. Tyson will be a tough apponent but Sean’s an animal, a pitbull I think. Good luck Sean. By the way Jeremy, take a cold shower, Sean’s married.

  • Double J

    Good luck against Griffin in October. You are a true inspiration.

  • MAx

    Hey buddy…three things
    1. control the fight .
    2. Do what you do best..think, be fast and throw him around like ragdoll.
    3. win at all cost! you must!!
    good luck! you need that belt back.

  • Andrew

    Hey Sean,
    I am looking forward to your fight more than the main event. You are the man and an inspiration to all of us! Win or lose, your fans will always stand behind you!

  • Pete

    Good luck sean, i flew over from Australia for your last fight, although i cant be there for this one ill be watching on p.p.v and cheering you on. Your training is second to none and griffin is just the next step to you getting your belt back, all the best mate.

  • Kelsey S

    I LOVE YOU!!!!
    you are the best!

  • Keyvan


    SEAN on the “W” track !

  • clint

    great win man, i had faith in you.

  • Pete

    congrats on the victory sean. that win has to put you right back in title contention, your combo’s were awesome to watch, very exciting. your the best man cant wait for your next fight.

  • chad

    Huge win bro, You are a great fighter! Im very impressed with your stand up, Keep up the good work and get the title back to Mn!!!!

  • john c

    sean congrats man what a win you deserve thee winner of kenny and joe daddy and then a title shot for you my friend

  • Kriss

    Hi Sean,

    Congrats on your win against Griffin….. To bad the audince dont know a good fight when they see one. I have a question regarding your intrance song, what group was that and what is the name of the song?


  • Brian Hueffmeier

    Sean, Glad to see your back to your winning ways! You better get that belt back or I’m gonna kick your ass!

  • Dustin

    What’s up Shark? Haha, I enjoyed that fight you had against Tyson. That was the most intense war I have ever seen man…incredible. Good luck on your next fight. Later.

  • Handsomehigh

    Has anyone herd whether Sean will fight kenny now? It sounds like their going to let BJ sit on his belt until he fights George. But then it sounds like Kenny might fight BJ which would put Sean down the road aways.

  • Dave

    Great job sean awesome fight

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