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UFC 84

February 28th, 2008 · 134 Comments · News



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  • Jesse Sherk

    Hey, I forgot to ad… this web page is the shit!!!!Nice format!!!!! See you in Vegas.

  • Jo Ann

    Hi Sean:

    Looking forward to see your fight on the tube. Sorry I cannot make it, but, I am so proud of the role model you provide for your cousins and neices and nephews and my grandchildren.



  • Mitch

    Sean, GOOD LUCK!!!!

  • Michael B

    Hey Sean, we can’t wait to see you destroy Penn. He deserves an ass kicking as do you deserve the belt. So go kick some ass!!!!!

  • KP

    You rock!!! Can’t wait until you get your belt back……

  • Josh B.

    Sean you are a true hero- I admire all your strength in all you have been through. All the wrestlers in St. Francis believe d in you then and now. I look up to you. I am a mini Sean, I have been told.

  • Josh B.

    Good luck, i cannot wait to see you give what BJ deserves, to see you have the title back where is belongs. I admire you! Good luck we will all be watching here at my house with all the kids and anyone else that wants to come! cannot wait to see a clinic for us HS in ST. Francis kids from you? GL!

  • Tiffany

    Sean- you are the real deal, In the end you will be the winner belts and all and Bj will never know what just hit him, you are better fit in so many ways. i am excited to watch. i wish i could be there, but i have your sisters kids so she can go- Make sure she watches!!!!! Good Luck!

  • MN Wrestling

    Sean, you have been a great inspiration to many of our youth wrestlers and parents, and we are looking forward to a total lactic acid takeover of BJ’s body. LETS GO SHERK!!!!

  • Brett

    Hey Sean –
    Good luck in Vegas! We all know your gonna give BJ what he has coming and get the title back! You’ve got tons of supporters and we’ll be rooting for you on fight night!

  • AJ

    Sean…..I can’t wait to see you get back the title. Good luck in Vegas and remember there are a lot of people that believe in you.

  • chad

    Sean, STAND PROUD!! bj is a punk smash his mouth in so it shuts him up for along time. I know you have alot more class. Put a hurtin on him like no other!!!!! st. fransis is behind you 150%

  • BB

    I cant wait to see you shut bjs mouth once and for all, send him back to hilo where he belongs, everybody here in Minnesota is behind you!

  • Eric


    Good Luck!!
    Not that you need it. You have true talent and strength. We can’t wait until May 24th.


  • Ro

    S is for strong (mentally and physically)
    E is for envy (what BJ thinks about Sean)
    A is always (always keeping your head up)
    N is for never (never giving up)

    S is for stand (standing proud of the person you are)
    H is for Hero (the way your fans think of you)
    E is for effort (all you hard work and effort)
    R is for ready (ready to get your belt back)
    K is for kicking (kicking the ass of anyone who stands in the way of your dreams)

  • Kris

    Sean, your an inspiration to me to go after my dreams. You have came so far and when you talk on the radio or TV, I think of what a great spokesman you are. You’re not only one of the best fighters in the world, you have style and class that you bring to the UFC. You got it all going on and you deserves this more than anyone! So go get what’s your’s and be proud champ!

  • joselyn

    good luckk sean sherk you are gong to kill bj penn

  • Gratful4u

    Sean your gonna kick some butt when you fight BJ the “doughboy” Penn—See you in Vegas “your the greatest!!

  • G

    You can do it and each of us are behind you.

  • jason

    whip his ass and i will take you out for rice and won tons

  • Nicole

    Three things… I’d hate to be Penn, I Cant wait to see you with your belt again, and Your the best Sean!!!

  • Shawn Barthel

    HEY SHAWN! Looks like my sis works with your mom! I am a big fan and really look forward to your fight with BJ. That guy is flexible but bone will only flex so far before it breaks! haha. Well we are friends on myspace but i wanted to just let you know I support you and CANT WAIT to see you annihilate PENN!

    Take Care Bro!


  • Tiffany

    reatin what is rightfully yours. Good luck.

  • Tiffany

    retain what is rightfully yours. Good luck.

  • St. Francis wrestlers

    Good luck and we know you will win. Kick butt! Make Bj shut up once and for all! We are all supporting you.

  • Austin

    bring the belt back home

  • "DIVA"

    You are a true inspiration through and through. Only the strong will survive and BJ is no survivor. Stay true to yourself and you will always be the true champion belt or no belt. You are who you are and that is a known survivior and champion.

  • Breanne

    Sean- you are soo fly!!! do ur thing….. I know u will kick BJ’s buttt!!!!

    Love ya,


  • Mark

    cant wait to cu pick up penns punk azz and power slam him – were rootin for u and know ull give him what hez got comin

  • Jimbo

    Hey Sean,
    I hope you beat on BJ until he quits.
    I would love to see him tap and you get back what is rightfully yours!
    Anyway good luck and don’t get cut so you can fight in front of all the MN fans in Aug

  • toney t

    its simply a matter of doing what you do best, and not worrying about what the other fellow is going to do!!! go out and do what you do best.. 3rd round bjs down

  • mfholler

    Sean … i’ve got every confidence in you …

    you have struggled to prove you are the best …
    that belt is yours … bj penn is just it’s guest …
    make him gurgle … make him crawl …
    show him The Muscle Shark Sherk has it all!!

    see if he can go the five rounds, can he take it?
    a light snack for The Muscle Shark … chomp, chomp!
    lu, man

  • t3

    Sean u r going to be great good luck

  • Luke

    Sean.. Can’t wait to see you destroy BJ Penn. Good luck when you face him, even though I don’t think you’re going to need it.

  • Jordan

    Hey Sean,
    Whe you lost ur belt i wore ur name on my hand along with a group of other kids all week….and they agree tht you should still have ur belt. Good luck! Your my hero!

  • Mike

    Looking forward to watching you get your belt back from Penn

  • Steven

    I cant wait for May 24th BJ will finally get the A** Whopen he deserves, you are the man Sean!!

  • Jeff

    I don’t think BJ knows what he has coming but all your fans know you’ll give BJ the beating he deserves

  • Scott B

    I bet a $100 bucks your going to win this fight on the 24th so you better be training your ass off which I am sure you are. If I was you I would have the same stradigy was GSP had with Matt Serra take him down keep your weight on him and wear him out, then take it to him in the 3rd round. Go get him good luck.

  • Jake

    Hey Sean, this fight is going to get you the respect that you deserve. Go get him

  • Derik

    hey sean cant wait to see that belt comeback home.. best of luck man you got this!

  • Boots

    Sherk go and do your thing on the 24th G.N.P that punk. Get that belt back to were it belongs around your waist.

  • Tim

    Who would of thought a kid from small town Minnesota would make it this far… you are a role model to a lot of small town people. Keep doin your thing !!!

  • KP

    Getting close now!! Hope your training is going well.. Everyone is so proud of you…
    Good things happen to good people.

  • Sara Anderson

    Sean, Best of Luck… You are gonna open a can of whoop ass!!!!!!!! Love, Sara

  • Shadow

    From all your fans in San Francisco we salute you. Can’t wait to see you crush penn

  • Justin

    Kick BJ’s ASS and take back what is rightfully yours!!

  • Angie

    I wish so badly that I could be there in Vegas on the 24th. But, I will be ordering it on TV and watching! I can’t really give you any advice nor would you want any from me. But I will say this. Your friends, family, and fans, will all be will you that day. We love you and we are so very proud of you. Enter that ring and give yourself one moment to feel in your heart all the love. Then KICK SOME ASS.

  • Ben

    Sean I cant wait to see you give BJ the beating he deserves, we will be watching

  • Pat & Cat (Caineshockey)

    Sean, Good luck in Vegas! Your brother is still a phag. You’ll dominate – NO DOUBT!

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