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UFC 84

February 28th, 2008 · 134 Comments · News



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  • Kurt

    sean sherk ur gunna kick penns ass

  • Kevin

    I hope Sean smokes BJ and I think he will. The steroid talk is bunch of BS and I believe you have to beat Sean to be the champ. Good luck Sean

  • prav

    YO SEAN!!!…

    watch out dude!…for BJ on the ground!..i think you should seriously
    consider going toe to toe with him.

    It will throw him off his game so bad….

    I noticed flaws in his last fight vs. big daddy while standing his punches
    are all arm and his balance is off. He fakes alot.

  • casey

    YEAH SEAN, you will kill bj u will have some challange in the frist couple rounds if he last that long but after that he will be very tierd cause u got the best condising in the UFC!!!!!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK

  • miguel

    sean, push bj’s stamina to the limit. make him work. good luck man!

  • Chris

    Give BJ the hardest 25 minutes of his life Sean. Take him down at will, drop elbows and punches, make him burst his lungs out! You have lots of supporters who believe that all the steroid thing was BS. I actually lost all respect for BJ when he started running his mouth prior to this match, use all his words as motivation, regain the title and defend until you get old.

    Much respect from the Philippines.

    – Chris

  • Edward

    Best of luck Sean. You’re a fantastic athlete and I wish you all the best against Penn.

  • AK

    Hey Sean,

    I am a huge fan. All the wrestlers on my team at my university will watch you fight at UFC 84 and will be rooting for you. Hope you put on another wrestling clinic!

  • jay

    Sean, know that those of us with intelligence know you’re honest, truthful and the steriod bs was just that. Regardless of what butt job penn says YOU ARE THE LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION-never forget it. I’ll be watching you fight and we’re all rooting for you.

  • Vette

    Do you’re thing and take BJ out. Shut all these BJ nut hangers up.

  • hagler

    Good luck sean,
    You have a lot of fans here in S.W. Virginia and we will be pulling for you.

  • frank

    Sean, You are great!!! Your gonna kick BJ’s ASS !!!!!

  • bt

    Your gonna whoop BJ’s butt!!!!

  • bt#54

    u rock ur gunna beat bj’s buuuuuuuuttttttttt

  • Jesse Sherk

    Hey Sean,

    Here’s how I see it. At the start, avoid B.J.’s right uppercuts he uses against wrestlers or his knees and get a body lock on the side. Weep his leg like hendo did to silva. Then ground and pound until that bitch is out of gas. I know he lives in Hawaii but I don’t think he will survive a shark attack! Do your thing Bro!!

  • Jesse Sherk

    Don’t weep his leg…. Sweep it.

  • Crystal

    Hey Sean we’re all rooting for you and know that you will Kick Penn’s ass

  • Kindra

    Good Luck!

  • Kari

    Hey Sean!!
    Good Luck for the fight I know you’ll get your title back!!

  • Mike

    Good luck!
    Get the title back and kick some BJ ass!!

  • Margaret

    BJ needs to watch out cause we know your gonna put a beating on him!!

  • Ceri

    Best of luck Sean! You’ll get the title back!

  • Lindsay

    Were all supporting you and know that you’ll give BJ what he has coming!!

  • Nancy

    Good Luck and kick his ASS!!

  • Erik

    Dude—You rock. That training is paying off, I can see the progression in your style and increase in power. Good things to come.


  • Patrick

    Can’t wait till you get your title back!!
    Kick BJ’s ASS!!

  • Brian

    Hey Sean- BJ Penn is so over-rated!!! With your cardio, heart, and natural ability to kick ass… BJ is in deep SHIT!!

  • Les

    Good luck! I know you are going to get your belt back. Keep training hard and stay positive.

    See you in Vegas…

  • toney t

    sean, fight your normal style. and you will dominate bj penn. overwhelm him with your speed, strength, and superior conditioning

  • Ian


    Kick BJ’s ass all over that octagon. Get your belt back and show everyone who the real champ is.

  • Tom

    Best of luck on the upcoming fight…Kick BJ’s ass!!

  • Michele

    Go get ’em, Sean! Win one for MN!

  • Brandie

    Go to Vegas and get that Title Back! We all support you!

  • Matt

    Your fighting style is 2nd to none and BJ needs to watch out cause that title is yours!!

  • Scott

    BJ’s got nothing on you man, give him a run and take that title back!

  • Erika

    Good Luck in Vegas ~ Bring the title home again!!

  • Sally

    Hey, good luck. Trust yourself!!!

  • Rodney

    Its time to get the belt back to its rightful owner already…good luck Sean I know you’ll kick ass!!

  • Jamie

    Hey Sean!

    Hope you got my letter all the way from England! I was at UFC 80 where some disrespectful fans booed you, you have a huge fan base here in the UK so go and make BJ “Sherkbait”! Your going to rip him apart man! We’re all rooting for you man!

  • Rodney

    Its time to get the belt back to its rightful owner already!!….good luck Sean, we’ll be cheering for ya here in Florida!!

  • melissa

    Sherk you are the best!!!! You are going to kick BJ’s butt!!!

  • Tiffany, Phil and the boys

    You are a true Gladiator! We will all be watching on the big screen here! We support you 100%! We believe in you!!Good luck.

  • Phil

    Make BJ regret talking all that! You will prevail! You are a True champion no matter what. Good luck.

  • Matt Stokes

    Throw em high and hard…lets see some blood !!!

  • Mark

    Good luck with the upcoming fight ~

  • god is love

    Sherk, there’s no doubt in my mind that you are going to put it to penn. you know you are the man. we minnesotans love you! bring the title home!

  • Rolanda


    I can’t wait to see you get YOUR belt back. All your hard work WILL pay off! The best things in life don’t come easy. Your true fans support and stand behind you! You will show the world on May 24 who the real Champ is! Your fans already know who the champ is!


  • Rodney

    Its time to get that belt back to its rightful owner already. Good luck dude I know you’ll kick ass!!… It will be much deserved!

  • Heather & John

    Hi Sean! Looking forward to seeing you get what is already yours back and watching you kick ass. Know that you have half of the Army behind you…or at least everyone that we know and then some.
    See you in Vegas!!!
    Heather & John

  • Sophia

    Can’t wait for Vegas and to see Penn get his ass handed to him!!!
    You’re the best & the real UFC lightweight champ!!!
    thanks for all the hard work and for giving kids someone real to look up to..

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