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UFC 84

February 28th, 2008 · 134 Comments · News



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  • John (Ireland)

    Hey Sean

    HUGE fan of yours across the pond here in little old Ireland. Best of luck on May 24. I hope you win and put all these nonsense issues of the past year behind you.

  • Denise n Chris

    Sean – you are going to kick the #$@! out that boy! We look forward to every minute of it!

    You have our support and our constant cheers!!

  • GREG

    You are both great fighter but if you want that Title……….DOMINANT!!!

  • Jonathan

    Hi Sean! Just want you to know that there are many people supporting you! You are an inspiration to people around the world! So keep doing your thing bro! I know you will bring the belt home on may 24!
    Cheers from Sweden!

  • Derik

    bro theres so much pressure on bj hes talking way to much.. go in and do your thing and make him look stupid afterwards

  • misterjonez

    BJ Penn, you’re dead.

    I can tell you one thing I know for absolute don’t want a pissed off Sean Sherk training every day with you in his sights.

    Crush him, Sean. 25 minutes of hell is what I want to see. Well..24.59 with a tapout prior to the bell would be ideal 😉

  • Josh Gower

    Look out for the eye poke early, BJ Penn is a cheater, just ask GSP. Good Luck Saturday WAR SHERK!

  • Ang

    Hey Sean!
    Good luck this weekend! It’s so awesome to see what you have accomplished, from a light weight wrestler to Sean the Muscle Shark! You have made so many people proud in our small town to know you are from here!
    You truly are a hero for many kids here and around the world.
    Good Luck Sean! Bring that belt back here!

  • Bobby

    go to and vote for Sherk!! MMAweekly is fixed. I was voting for Sherk and kept refreshing and voting for Sherk again and saw the votes were going up one at a time. Out of nowhere, they fed BJ around 75 votes. I saw this happen twice as the percentage drastically increased. VOTE SHERK ON MMAWEEKLY!

  • Bud Flagstad

    Go get him Sean. I will have 30+ people at my house rooting for you!

  • Vieui

    Go Muscle Shark! Eat Bj alive!

  • Brian

    Good luck Sean!!! I’ll be watching the fight and rooting for you. Bring the title back where it belongs. Its time to prove all the doubters out there and the BJ ball lickers who is the daddy in the lightweight division.

  • Lisa,Rick & the rest of the Oak Grovers!

    GOOD LUCK Sean!!!
    The whole neighborhood is going to be watching tonight, cheering for you! You are a true inspiration and the UFC Lightweight Champ!!

  • Christian

    The clock is ticking and the belt is on its way home to you where it belongs.


    It will be quite a thrill to see you humiliate that over-weight lard-ass babyjay pig-penn!!!! We look forward to seeing your hand raised at the end of the night!!!


    Good fight and next time you will get him!!

  • Jon

    Im a BJ Penn fan… but much much respect for you… you stand there and bang…. very good fight… hope to see you demolishing the LW division again…

  • Lisa

    You proved a point Sean, most people who have gone through what you have in the last 10 months would stick their tail between their legs and wimper…you proved them wrong, showed up to fight and that shows what kind of person you really are, and you did a great job.
    With ALL respect!

  • Erica FF

    Hello! I would say to Sherk, that even if he lost, for he will always vibrate. It was an exciting fight and only has made the most admirace. Losing is part of the sport and not because of this that I fail to admire it! Sherk, if you have not achieved the victory yesterday, tomorrow you can! I will always in the crowd for you!
    I love you, Sherk!

    kisses from Brazil

  • Rich Lange

    You stood your ground and you should be proud that you didn’t run away from getting your ass kicked and you stayed in and tried to fight what you decided was your best fight.

    I’m sorry for the way it went down, but you proved, even clean, that you deserved to be there.

  • LUI

    bj penn fought at welterweight, middleweight and light heavyweight. He isn’t a real 155 lbs!

  • KungFuGrip

    Good fight Sean.

    Bj first started out at 155. He IS a real 155 fighter.


    i see both points, PENN is able to fight at various weights , unlike the average guy always sticking to 1 weight……..i dont really know if this would help him or not,,,but what is clear is that SHERK and PENN are both TOUGH BUGGARS inside the Octagon!!!!!!

  • Ryder Bonham

    Hey Sean, keep your head up and destroy the lightweight compition you will be faced with your are the biggest insperation for me and i hope to grow up to have the same style and determination that you hold I am only 14 years old but I am 6,1 and I already have my mind set that i want to be in the UFC. I was just wondering can anyone train at the gym you go to.

  • Kurt

    Just wanted to congratulate you on on great competitive fight. Was a pleasure to watch and I really believe you would have been too much for BJ in the 4th and 5th. Keep your head up Sean, lots of us believe you never took steroids!

  • Mike

    Sean, let me first state i am a HUGE BJ Penn Fan. As were the 15 other people we watched the fight with. Just wanted to say Thank You however, for coming out and putting on a great show. You showed a ton of heart standing there and banging and just wanted u to know u even though we all know you are one of the best LW’s in the world regardless that u gained some fans on sat. I wisdh u more future success in the future. Hope u and ur fam have a great, safe holiday.

  • hagler

    hey sean,
    you fought a great fight and had it gone into the next round you were right there.
    We never saw anybody stop the fight except for penn,had you been given the time to regroup (like franklin-silva 2 ) i thought you could have kept going,yamasaki seemed confused as the round ended?
    your s.w. va fans are still in your corner,please post and let us know your thoughts or email me.

  • Brian

    keep your head up sean. I know that you are gonna bounce back like a true warrior that you are. You did very well against BJ. I know that one day your hand will be raised again and be crowned champion again.

  • admin

    The song he walks out to is “Wait” by Earshot

  • Becker

    Great fight sean! Every champ gets caught once. Keep training like you do and u will be right back on top!

  • JD

    Nice try Sean!

  • ok

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  • Andy Olson

    hey ,Sean you probabally dont remeber me but i am your 2 cousin through blood you will beat the crap out of BJ Penn just like you did to Kenny Ken Florian I wish i could go to some of your fights good luck!!!!!

  • Dave

    im wondering why you didnt try to take him down more?

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