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Interview with Sean Sherk – Back in MMA

August 3rd, 2005 · No Comments · News

Interview with Sean Sherk – Back in MMA
Wednesday, August 3, 2005
Sean Sherk has not fought since late 2004, and responded to whether he is currently training for the possibility of a return to the octagon, or if he is focusing on teaching other fighters at the academy. “I’m definitely still training. I’m keeping in good shape and working hard. I’d like to come back, but I’m shopping around for a good deal. I’m tired of doing the small shows, you know? I think I’ve paid my dues and earned the right to get a good deal to fight in a big show,” Sherk said. With a 28-1 record (the only blemish being a decision loss to Matt Hughes) it’s hard to disagree with Sherk on that point.

Sean discussed that fight, and the best way to approach Hughes, as one of the few fighters to take Matt the distance. “Yeah, in that fight everyone was saying I should stand with him, but I probably would have been better off focusing on getting the takedown.”

Asked if getting Matt on his back was his weakness, Sherk replied, “That is probably Matt’s weakness, but it is NOT a big weakness. I had him on his back. If you remember the Trigg fight, he had Hughes on his back. But if you watch, he arches his back and puts his hips up, and that keeps his head far away from contact.”

Saul Mitchell chimed in, not shy to point out how much Sherk has improved his game. “People don’t realize this guy has great submissions. When I train with him on the mat, it takes him about ten seconds to pass my guard, and from there he just slaps a submission on me,” Mitchell said.

Saul continued, “His game has really evolved. His stand up too. When people box with him, his combinations are lightening-quick. His hips look like they’re on a swivel. Guys take a few shots from him and suddenly they don’t feel so good.”

So the MMA world has been warned: Sherk is active, ready, and even better than before. Here’s to hoping someone gives him the deal he deserves.



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